our strategy for




DEVELOP Overview


We want to DEVELOP people, communities, and leaders in our nation through personal discipleship and discipleship resources.




Implement Annual Discipleship self assessment by everyone (14+)

Launch a Leadership Training School

Continue to equip the Canadian Church through Restoration Prayer Ministry, new worship albums, and 2 additional books on Pastor Jon’s teaching

To ensure a thriving workplace culture according to Best Christian Workplace Institute

Introduce donor management system to assist discipleship, grow our giving base, and help facilitate the Vision Fund


At all our locations,we will


Ensure site consistency in implementation of discipleship model

Why: Our mission is to enable people of all ages to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. We will help all our sites align and rally around their personal discipleship growth.

How: Explore and introduce digital opportunities for people to engage in discipleship resources. Provide regular opportunities for our congregation to find themselves in their discipleship journey and give opportunities to make personal commitments and grow with their Connect Group and Jesus.

Congregational discipleship through Worship

Why: We believe that writing and singing songs of what God is doing in our community helps give our congregation the words to express their praise to God.

How: Continue to commit resourcing to songwriting, music production, and making our worship music accessible on all major music platforms.



EXPAND Our Influence


Research, develop, and implement a Leadership School

Why: There is a church leadership crisis in Canada. We will seek to address this by launching an experience based, academically sound, Leadership Training School, praying that a new generation of pastors and leaders are equipped and encouraged to take the helm as we pray for a great awakening in our country and beyond.

How: Years 1-4 research and develop potential Leadership School models to implement. Launch a small cohort year 5.

Prepare materials and expand restoration prayer ministry

Why: Hundreds of church leaders from across Southern Ontario have come to our Restoration Prayer training events to gain further insight into how we run this ministry. Other churches and their congregants seek out our prayer ministry. We want to make our internal resources available externally so more churches can launch this ministry and allow more of our own congregants to participate.

How: Prepare our documentation for professional publishing and determine the best media to be able to communicate our materials.

Pastor Jon’s books and teaching made more available

Why: Jon Thompson’s academic background and his 20+ years of ministry experience provide some unique understandings in several key areas, from practical church functionality to spiritual dynamics, that will be valuable to the Canadian church, our Global Partners, as well as our Congregation.

How: Continue to enable book writing to be a part of Jon’s job description and allocate necessary funds for publishing and promotion of Jon’s books.



within our organization, we will

ENSURE Our Foundation


Attract and retain great staff

Why: Our staff are one of our most valuable resources. Keeping the soul of our staff intact as we experience growth and change will be of paramount importance in this Plan. In the first 5-year Plan, we received certification as a Best Christian Workplace, in Plan 2 we will continue on that foundation and move towards a vibrant, thriving staff culture and an even greater place to work.

How: Explore, develop, and implement staff-wide training opportunities, launch C4-wide succession planning so staff understand the bigger picture, and further integrate our Staff Values into the day-to-day operations.

Donor Management & Growing Vision Fund

Why: As Jesus regularly reminds us in the Gospels as he interacts with the rich and poor, how we steward our money is just as much a discipleship issue as any other. To help in discipleship and grow our giving base, we will do better at walking with our congregation as it relates to money. We plan on having new projects in our Vision Fund every year to inspire, excite, and challenge our congregation in this area of discipleship.

How: Establish donor management guardrails with the Board. Implement these guardrails into an automated, day-to-day operations process. Setup new systems and reports that help manage our organization’s cash flow and pledges.

ministry alignment around OUR THEOLOGICAL DISTINCTIVES

Why: We have distinct theology about our discipleship, guaranteed places of encounter, and the convergence of spiritual gifts, spiritual disciplines, and spiritual experiences. We will ensure all our departments build out a ministry model with these in mind to allow for consistent experiences and set expectations for the congregation.

How: Monthly meetings with managers to help guide, annual ministry planning, and annual calendar development with Senior Leadership Team to help ensure alignment.


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